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Webhosting and domain name purchasing

Keep documentation safe

Have we already mentioned this? Maybe because we have seen so many websites lose the information and hold them back on progressing. Please keep copies as two years is a long time to pass and information can get lost.

All domain name sellers are equal?

Domain name hosts. We pick the cheapest one we can find, some very in price so we shop around to ensure that you have the best price possible.


Please make sure this is either left with us or that you keep the information safe so that it is straight forward for you to renew. We cannot stress how important this is to your website.

Latest web design project

Skin Deep Therapy

A simple budget website with a clean, fresh and bright design that targets a female market. The use of bright images breaks the page into distinct areas and makes finding information easy. The pages are simple to navigate and the website is clear and functional. With a basic SEO budget as such, only employing reputable methods of search engine optimisation, we have obtained page one ranking for many key search terms. This website includes no content management system, our client pays for amendments as an when they require them. With content only proof read before updating, this keeps the cost down for the client.