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Our top-rated super-duper SEO services

We offer a search engine optimisation plan to suit your needs and budget - our popular products are SEO overhauls, we take a look at your website and see where the improvements can be made. No auto generated reports, we look over your website thoroughly and make improvements based on how your website performs.

Prices start with very basic packages at £50. This just ensures that your website is off to the best start without splashing out too much cash. You can dip in and spend more money when you want. Search engine optimisation is very simple but can be time consuming and confusing. With plenty of misinformation available to lead people down the wrong path, we can make it easier to understand.

If you would like to get your existing website on the serach engines radars we can help, if you would like a brand new search engine-friendly website then we can build the foundations into your website as we go. We have experience in improving websites with many techniques, and have copywriting as one of our primary skills.

We can also provide consultation some businesses have their own in-house IT department - we advise in matters of search engine optimisation with the IT department then implementing the changes themselves.

SEO Jargon buster - 'Copywriting'

Another name for the content, or words on your website. This is the fundamentally primary area to concentrate your efforts. With keyword rich content that entertains and/or informs your visitors you are more likely to attract visitors in the first place.

Placing keywords from your copy into strategic places across your website pages ensures that the search engines recognise these as valid indicators of your content. Great for you and great for your customers - they can find you just by searching for subjects rather than specifically your company name.

Social buzz.
Why are things like
Twitter, facebook etc
so important

Possibly a flawed technique by search engines to ascertain the genuine popularity of a website is social buzz. The more likes and clicks you get on all the social networking tools, the more you are rated. Whether this measure of your website will still be utilised in the future is as yet unknown. It is open to misuse as with back links, buying likes and friends is now commonplace, but for those that want to utilise above board techniques it can still be a valuable tool. Any way of spreading the name of your company online is a great move. reaching out to a larger audience is as effective as upping the footfall to your place of business. All good stuff. It is also a great way to receive feedback from your clients and to display your excellent customer service by responding promptly and politely.

Latest web design project

Skin Deep Therapy

A simple budget website with a clean, fresh and bright design that targets a female market. The use of bright images breaks the page into distinct areas and makes finding information easy. The pages are simple to navigate and the website is clear and functional. With a basic SEO budget as such, only employing reputable methods of search engine optimisation, we have obtained page one ranking for many key search terms. This website includes no content management system, our client pays for amendments as an when they require them. With content only proof read before updating, this keeps the cost down for the client.