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Privacy policy

Personal data

We only use your personal data for administration purposes, to send out newsletters should you request them or to contact you with regard to progression of work.


We, like most other websites these days employ tools to get an idea of the numbers of visitors we get and the pages they view. We do this to monitor our website and to continually improve it. We do not have access to any information of a personal nature and by opting to disallow cookies using your browser settings it is possible to exclude yourself from our statistics.

Future changes to the privacy policy

Please be sure to return to this page in the future, as we may well revise the privacy polivy in the future. Having said that you can be rest assured that we will NEVER sell or pass on your email address to any third parties without your consent. We prefer an above-board, genuine and honest approach to business rather than resorting to underhand techniques. It's just how we do things.