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Search engine optimisation jargon buster

What's Google?

Being such a catchy name and giving a search engine a clear and funky look means that we now 'google' things, when we started using computers you had a very complicated screen and had to use boolean operators!! Uh? Exactly, well Google changed all that and very glad we are too. So as a result most people now use Google to search for stuff. As a result we use their rules and guidelines when constructing a website, well we use other search engines too, but not many people do. However if you follow all the rules then you are in a much better 'brownie points' position and more likely to get noticed by the search engines and then RANKED! and that, is what it takes to get more visitors to your website. more

I want to be on the first page of Google how do I do this?

Well in short, having very niche search terms and a totally unique selling point is the most sure way. Other than that here is a lot of competition from well established websites that have dominated the top positions. When a website is new it can take a while to start to acheive a web presence. Sometimes, if you set up enough websites with a similar content you can hammer on in there. However, this is usually short lived. A new website has a temporary boost in rankings, just to give it a head start. But as time goes by the website ranking will drop off and thats where your content and coding will play the part.more

How do I find out if anyone has been looking at my website?

There are programs you can use to analyse the logs for your website. Whenever any page is requested by a visitor to your site, this is kept in a record. Any failed pages or images are also kept in records - these are known as error logs. The access logs hold lots of information and use programing language to draw this information about your website out and it can then be displayed in an easy to see and understand form by the analysis program. Google analytics also does this, by simply installing a tracking code on every page that you want to monitor it is possible to determine lots of information about your website nad about the visitors to your website. All very interesting stuff that you can then use to make your website even more interesting to visitors, even increasing sales.more

What's Bing?

Bing is Microsofts version of Google. Just another search engine, although it has not quite the following as Google. more