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Webhosting and domain name purchasing

Keep website documentation safe

This really is such an important issue, when you think that you do not have to renew your domain name for two years - a lot can happen in that two years! Ensure that you do not lose your well thought out domain name in a few disorganised days. Keep records of your information in several places and make sure you know where they are! Keep all emails and forward them to a special account. We can even set up a special email account for you so you can forward all those important bits of info safe. Then you can simply search through the mailbox when the time comes. You can leave it on the server or make copies and keep them somewhere 'real'.

Paying hosting and domain renewals on time

If you have gone to a lot of effort to ensure that you have a great domain name, and spent time building up search ranking, putting time and money into researching keywords and really ensuring that you appear for those search terms, then the last thing you want to happen is for your domain name to expire and you lose all that good work. All gone, and it's not always an easy task to restore a website, things happen - life gets in the way and without paying someone a lot of money to sort it out, you could find yourself with no website. Lost visitors, lost ranking. It is therefore vitally important to make sure you renew them.

What goes wrong if you forget to renew your hosting and domain name

So your domain goes down, all that is showing when visitors go to your website is a page advertising hosting, oh and a sweet girl wearing a rucksack. Nice pic but not as good as your website that you paid good money for. So the search bots visit your site and start to take note that your site isn't there any more, they return day after day but still no website, eventually all your hard work and time gone into creating a ranking website is just lost and your ranking goes down. Left too long the website is dropped totally. But even in the space of a few weeks, you can completely lose all of your rankings. It is not an easy task to restore that and sometimes little changes can make search engines lose their trust in your site and getting those rankings back is harder than getting them in the first place.

SEO Jargon buster

SEO is basically ensuring that you are doing everything humanly possible to get noticed by search engines. Playing by the book and having something of interest to say. It's mainly about clean code, great meta data and extremely interesting and informative content - unique content that is not repeated anywhere else on the web, all your own stuff.


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Latest web design project

Skin Deep Therapy

A simple budget website with a clean, fresh and bright design that targets a female market. The use of bright images breaks the page into distinct areas and makes finding information easy. The pages are simple to navigate and the website is clear and functional. With a basic SEO budget as such, only employing reputable methods of search engine optimisation, we have obtained page one ranking for many key search terms. This website includes no content management system, our client pays for amendments as an when they require them. With content only proof read before updating, this keeps the cost down for the client.