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A selection of websites designed and built by us

We have completed projects for you to view in order to get an idea of the quality of our low cost web design packages. We have many to choose from but the following are a great selecton that showcase some of the unique designs - they all have one thing in common from the off, they all look great. They suit the business they are aimed at and do not feature any broken code or images. Our mission is to get the fundamentals covered perfectly in website design and implementation in order to ensure that the foundations are perfect for building upon.

Latest web design project

Skin Deep Therapy

This website speaks beauty from the off, there is no confusion over the purpose of the website and the nature of the business. Clear high resolution images add emphasis and break up the page for the visitor.

Amend Ltd

A very basic website that serves as an electronic business card. The client is able to refer potential customers to instantly view his CV without going through LinkedIn first. The stationery and business card are all based on the same style for a consistent brand.

Delicately Put

A delicate design that is appropriate to the subject matter, the vintage tea set hire company based in Norwich opted for the very basic serach engine optimisaton and still enjoy a high page ranking for a variety of search terms.

7th heaven beauty

Another beauty based website design that is very clear in the nature of the website business and the navigation is easy and clear. The layout is both eye catching and does not confuse the visitor - it has a logical flow that the visitor can follow easily and yet remains attractive.